How Different Would Your Life Be If You Were To Live In Your TRUE Power And Potential?


So much of our stress, anxiety and unhappiness is caused by the state of disconnection.

Think back to the last time you felt completely empowered...

How confident and inspired you felt...How full your heart felt...The glow you naturally radiated... The sense of intuition and connection you experienced each day...

People probably even commented on how happy you seemed, and how much you glowed.

In this magical state, all the “small stuff” seemed insignificant. Stress, money concerns, petty thoughts or people... none of it mattered anywhere near as much.

Because you FELT so amazing, so in your heart, so connected to the truth of who you are.

Sadly, the feeling probably wore off.

However, I have some really amazing news for you...


There's a Way to Feel Incredibly Empowered Nearly All the Time AND Use It to Transform Every Area of Your Life

Chances are, you’re reading this now because there’s at least one area of your life that you’re not fulfilled in.

If you know my story, you know I was highly successful and built a thriving multi-million dollar business from the ground up by the age of 25.

On paper, I had the perfect life: the amazing career, financial freedom, a great relationship.

And yet, I was also unhappy, because I was so stressed, physically depleted and unfulfilled.

It wasn’t until I heard Tony Robbins say, “Success without fulfillment is really failure" that I started to really pay attention, and I started to realize that I could consciously create an even more meaningful life.

I learned that my level of fulfillment, purpose and joy, my true measure of success, all comes down to whether I'm in a state of connection or not.



I Discovered How to Break Free From 
Disconnection and Transform My Life...

Now I’m Going to Teach YOU How to Do the Same



Once I Mastered the “State of Connection," I Began to Experience the Incredible Feeling of Being Completely Comfortable with Myself 

This Changed Everything.

My level of commitment and inspiration for my work burst open and I attracted more opportunities that were deeply aligned with the core of who I am.

I not only earned more money... but I did so WITHOUT the stress, anxiety and tension that had previously held me back.

Spiritually, I began to experience a sense of growth, grounding and expansion.

This began to fill my life and attract people, opportunities and true success beyond my wildest dreams. I even found that I was finally completing long-term projects with ease.


How to Reconnect to Your Heart AND Get Everything You Want from Your Life

In this state of connection, you connect dots, you can easily see that there’s a bigger picture and you can be there for others.

You feel like you have more than enough energy regardless of how much sleep you have or if you’re feeling run down.

Synchronicities occur and opportunities come your way. 


We have full vision, perspective, insight, knowing and intuition. THIS is how we actualize results. We keep returning to this as a way of being as our focus rather than focusing on all the doing, getting busy and jumping at the tactics like we do in disconnection. 

In order to help YOU master an empowered state of being, (in less than the decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars it took me) I’ve created an online coaching program for us to do this together, step-by-step.

Empowered Living: An 8 Week Online Course

This program is designed to help empower and connect you in ALL areas of your life. Your finances, your career, relationships, your health and wellbeing, spirituality and your environment.

It’s foundation includes ancient meditation, wellness, and spiritual wisdom...

... combined with the secrets to 21st-century time-management, goal setting and success strategies.

You see, one of the things I discovered in my journey was that a lot of “spiritual” methods and teachers struggled with the practical elements of success.

And most of the methods for achievement weren't fully aligned or connected with the deeper internal or spiritual aspects of life needed for true connection and fulfillment.

The result was the state of disconnection, which I was finally able to see and reverse BOTH in my work and my personal life.

By connecting and integrating love and connection WITH proven methods for goals, success and life-changes... the results are exponential and mind-blowing.

That’s real empowerment and what this program is designed to do.

Here's Everything You'll Receive When You Enroll in Empowered Living TODAY

Join me in the Empowered Living Coaching Program and you’ll receive immediate access to:

A Private, Members-Only Website

This is the entire portal where everything happens. In as little as an hour each week, you’ll simply log in and take this journey with me and other growth-minded individuals just like you.

Step-by-Step Video Training

In these videos, I cover all the foundational parts of personal development that are most relevant to getting connected. Whether you're new to personal development--or you’ve been working on yourself for decades, you'll find these helpful.

Simple-to-Follow Instructions and Exercises

As a practical companion to the videos, you’ll get actionable instructions and exercises that ensure you’re ALWAYS moving forward in a measurable way.

Downloadable Audios for Each Lesson

Because you’re probably pretty busy, you may want to listen to your lessons while you’re in transit or working out. To make this as accessible as possible, you’ll get downloadable audios. You may also revisit these special processes and exercises anytime, anywhere, as many times as you’d like.

A Comprehensive 40-plus Page Workbook

In this workbook, you get every exercise, cheat sheet, and accountability guides. There are journal pages for you to remember your visions and the ah-hah moments you experience while going through the course. It’s a super helpful PDF guide that you can print and fill out as you go through the course.

Weekly Overview For Empowered Living 


Introduction to Connection

In this first week, I’ll give you an intro on how connection can serve you, as well as a very powerful connection meditation so you’ll have momentum throughout the entire process. This will give you the ability to tap into this state (and your heart) and feel inspired anytime.

Connecting to Your True Life Vision

Next, we’ll progress into some life inventory exercises and illuminate what you really want your life to be like, feel like, and look like across each area of life.

Connecting to Fulfillment

Here, we’ll start seeing any potential barriers to connection, including any limiting beliefs, fears, or judgments. We’ll gently go through this process together. This is critical to experiencing self-love, connection and bringing that ease and flow to the rest of your life.

Connecting to Your Limitless Self

In this part of the program, I teach you about the 8 Interrupter Saboteur Archetypes I created and how to have awareness and navigate when you get stuck. We’ll do a process called Restoring Harmony that connects you to your limitless self.  

Connecting to Inspiration

This week’s all about learning how to find time to be within yourself. How to fill yourself up while INTEGRATING your head and heart. You’ll find yourself deeply aligned to your visions and goals in an inspired way.

Connecting to Actualization

This is about actualizing your visions and hearts desires. We schedule your goals with a unique system I created to keep you connected while improving your leverage and time-management.

Connecting to Wholeness

We cover boundaries around your energy, time and relationships. And since we’re all human and will be disconnected at times, I have a recovery process to get back to reconnection, which you can use anytime to return to a sense of wholeness.

Connecting to Your Most Empowered Self 

Finally, I share a grounding meditation with you to help move you into your most empowered self. We’ll go through everything you’ve awakened in the program, including your ability to follow your bliss and create from your heart. We’ll recap and celebrate all you’ve become throughout this journey. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion at the end.

Because you’re busy...

I’ve designed each week to require only about an hour or two of focused, intentional time to watch the videos, complete the exercises, and follow along with the meditation.

I know this system works because it’s helped thousands of my students, and came from my own real life challenges. I’ve made a special selection of bonuses that you’ll get IN ADDITION to the 8-week Empowered Living course, to make sure you’re really set up for total transformation. You’ll also get...

BONUS #1: Find Your “Connection Points” Video Training

This first video helps you define your connection points. It comes with a booklet that will be your cheat sheet anytime you feel disconnected in any area of your life.

I’ve broken out a step-by-step system for you here. In fact, it’s one of my favorite exercises and most helpful guides to ensure you never veer too far from your higher path.

BONUS #2: Guided Meditation Series

If you’ve been wanting to bring meditation into your life, like many of my new clients, you’ll find these meditations to be a total game-changer.

And even my clients who’ve been meditating for a while find these 5 practices refreshing and really helpful in exploring new levels of awareness they hadn’t reached before.

My Guided series has 5 different meditations that cover many of the most common challenges in our daily lives.

• For example, one meditation centers around improving our communication with our self and others.

• Another one is for emotional balance, which is great for releasing charges. This is also great when it feels like thoughts are taking over your mind and distracting your focus.

• I include a popular Kundalini Yoga meditation for removing fear of the future, too. If you ever find yourself losing sleep or getting caught up in worries about what tomorrow might bring, you’ll really like this meditation.

• Another one is the signature Soul Sync meditation from One World Academy in India.

• And the fifth meditation in this series is on on gratitude. With gratitude we can heal and transcend into our most empowered selves.

You'll Also Get...

Over Two Months of Coaching, for Less Than the Price of Most Quality Workshops


The investment for Empowered Living is $997.

When you consider that true transformation takes time, and you’ll be receiving OVER TWO MONTHS of coaching and support through the process of this program...

Most quality weekend or week-long workshops cost thousands (I’ve paid upwards of $10,000 for some!)... you realize just how incredible a deal this really is and to be honest I’ve invested in, and attended hundreds of workshops to pull together everything to save you time, energy and money.


Best of all, you can either pay in full or take advantage of the payment plan. Just click the “enroll now” button, below, to get started.  

Program Pricing

We want to make sure anyone can join this course so we're offering two different payment options.

Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

8 Week Online Empowered Living Course

Connection Points Bonus Videos and Workbooks

Meditation Bonus Series


Pay in Full


One Payment

8 Week Online Empowered Living Course

Connection Points Bonus Videos and Workbooks

Meditation Bonus Series


"Laurin is an inspiration, and her product is inspired. It really does make a difference. It's effective. It worked for me. After just one meditation with Laurin, I got so clear on the type of financial abundance that I wanted to create in my life and in my practice, and the next day I had signed new clients as proof to the change that had already been created through my transformative work with her. As someone who's been coached for many years and has become a coach myself, I often experience hesitation. People that are on the fence about engaging with coaching and the benefits that they can gain from it, and I always like to pose the question to people, "What is it costing you not to have what you really want in your life?" I guarantee you the number is way more exponential than what you would contribute and invest in coaching. That investment in coaching is best made when you work with someone that can actually get you results. People that have the knowledge, the information, the foundation, the resources, and Laurin has it all. She is the complete package."

Alexis Artin
Empowerment Coach

"Over the years, I've found Laurin to be one of the greatest, most dedicated, intelligent, fun, creative coaches that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen her make amazing transformations in people’s business lives, relationships and in their physicality and wellbeing. She’s put together a custom program and mixture from all her time and learning with so many of the world’s leading experts, to help you reach results from all that she’s mastered over the years. When I’m looking for clarity she is absolutely one of my first calls. She’s so good at setting my mind straight and keeping me on track. I fully recommend purchasing Laurin’s program and realizing today is the day for you to take that step forward. I love her and you will as well."

Roger Love
Celebrity Voice Coach

"Laurin has fundamentally and profoundly changed my life. Before I met Laurin there was so much noise in my brain and noise in my life.I was one of those people who wanted to do everything and accomplish everything, and I wanted to do it all immediately. I didn’t have a lot of strategy or structure around it. Laurin came in and she helped me get clear, be in my flow and understand what was the highest priority to me. She’s helped me make amazing things happen since then. The most important thing is the people that have worked with me for years, my spouse, my friends they notice that there’s a zen about me that was never there before. Thank you Laurin, I really appreciate it. I know we’ll continue to work together for years to come."

Dr. Taz Bhatia
Author & Integrative Health Expert

"Laurin’s coaching is incredible. I’m a guy who’s used to helping other people get their clarity so even thinking I couldn’t be clear has been hard to admit. I’ve been putting a lot of effort in and not getting the results I want. Laurin's content really blows my mind. It’s been incredible, and now that I've really looked under the hood and I can see what was really going on. I've busted through some blocks I couldn’t even see. I highly recommend working with Laurin in any capacity."

Robert Richman
Culture Author & Speaker

"What I’d like to convey is the cutting edge of development solutions that Laurin possesses. She synthesizes information in a way that's clear, understandable and implementable for you. You could go on a journey of 20 years going to trainings and learning and still not be where you could be when you use Laurin’s work and short cut decades into months. Laurin has done the work already and put it all together for you so you can use it and make your life the masterpiece you want. Any path you take with Laurin will make a huge difference in your life. She’s made a huge impact and contribution in my life."

Ivan Polic
#1 Best-selling Author, Family Business Mastery

"Laurin is a master expert ninja of personal growth, love and relationships. She is wise beyond her years and embodies greatness. She inspires me, I learn from her all the time and she adds lots of value to my life. "

Mastin Kipp
#1 Best-selling Author, Speaker & Life Interventionist

Think About The Price Like This:

How much money and time have you already spent trying to solve or find a quick fix or even just cover up the pains in your life?

Empowered Living can save you the time and money.

I’m talking about all the thousands of dollars spent on distractions, therapy or coaching sessions, for example.

What Is Total Empowerment and a Whole New Life Worth to You?

I can tell you that my client, let’s call her Stacy, had spent almost 7 years going to a therapist every week... and she would have done anything to change her life for such a modest investment.

She did end up healing her wounds and not needing therapy anymore after just a few sessions together, but she didn't get as many tools and resources to support her life as I offer here.

Now, let me be totally clear, I’m not a medical professional and I won’t be giving you any advice that only doctors can give. My approach can help you in the comfort of your own home and will guide you, not prescribe you, to your solution.

As far as trying to mask the problems this program can heal for you, one student of mine, we can call him Steve, used to spend at least $2,000 a month pretty frivolously trying to disconnect from the stress of his work.

After Steve started learning my methods, he began to take back control of his emotions and productively release stress while staying inspired and clear on his desired results. He found fulfillment in his time off as well as in his work.

For less than half of what he would have spent on 8 weeks of distractions, Steve now has a life-long skill set and productive way to enjoy his life.

Don’t WAIT... You Deserve to Start Connecting and Take Advantage of the Bonuses Today!

I want to be real with you. To make progress, you have to make a change. Empowered Living is an alternative option to spending your precious time and money on substitutes that most likely won’t get you lasting and sustainable results. Access the Empowered Living course by clicking on the “enroll now” button you see on this page.


When you do, you'll have instant access to the course and bonuses I've told you about.

I want to make this really easy for you..

The best part is, I’ve ALSO removed any risk in your investment. Because you’re protected by... 

My 30-Day, Unconditional “Try It and See” Guarantee

That’s right! There is ZERO risk in your investment...

Because all you have to do is follow along with my videos, fill out the worksheets, and if you don’t learn at least one thing that makes your life better by Day 29 in the course, then on day 30... I would gladly give you your money back.

I don’t believe that will happen, however.

Because in all my years of coaching, I’ve never seen or met anyone these processes didn’t help.

If you really believe that you’re the ONE person whose life situation can’t be improved with my course, you’ve got nothing to lose.

To understand what I mean and how everyone benefits... look at what two students have said about what you’ll get when you enroll in Empowered Living:

“I experienced the most incredible sense of calm and centeredness. I had lots of new awarenesses and a new vision for what I want to create. Overall, it connected me to the heavens and the earth, and I finally saw a path to make what I want a reality. I saw the number of women for my first event, the price point, where to have it and exactly what I’ll be teaching. I connected to new visions and all the categories of my life. Thanks for an awesome experience and journey.”

After the meditation on communication, another student immediately called me and said:

“I felt such a shift. Even my kids and people in my life noticed the difference. I feel so much clearer. I'm projecting my voice differently. I feel more confident and excited about my future. Can’t wait to do more.”

If my meditations and entire step-by-step process works for them, they’ll work for you, too.

An Amazing, Connected, Love-Filled Life Can Be Yours...Starting TODAY

This is your chance to embark on a whole new life journey. A connected, grounded, inspired and authentic life filled with presence, flow and love through the ups and downs. It all starts with this eight-week program, which guides you towards revealing and being your most connected and empowered self.

When you click that “enroll now” button, below... you’ll be well on your way.


You’ll get instant access to the 8-week Empowered Living course, the Workbook, the audio downloads, and the bonuses outlined on this page.

All together, you’re getting almost two-thousand dollars worth of training, for less than HALF that price, just $997.

Most importantly, you’ll be taken into your source of connection...
... and then taught how to transform your entire life from that place.
It’s been an honor creating this course for you, I’m unbelievably grateful that you’re here and for your time.

I look forward to welcoming you into the program.

With Love,

New You Development


P.S.-I spent OVER 20,000 hours learning directly, face-to-face, from the top minds in personal development, including Tony Robbins, Alison Armstrong, Brendon Burchard, Peter Diamandis, Esther Perel, Guru Singh, Dr. John DeMartini, David Wolfe and so many others.

They had so much wisdom. I learned so much. But my life didn’t fully transform until I was able to master connection, tap into love, and then USE that magical state to change everything.

That’s what Empowered Living does for you, and I’m thrilled about us beginning our journey here today.

Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

8 Week Online Empowered Living Course

Connection Points Bonus Videos and Workbooks

Meditation Bonus Series


Pay in Full


One Payment

8 Week Online Empowered Living Course

Connection Points Bonus Videos and Workbooks

Meditation Bonus Series


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Live As Your Most Connected, Inspired and Fulfilled Self