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The 3 Words Keeping You From Everything You Want

In this video you'll discover the 3 words that are limiting you from being able to achieve the success and fulfillment you've always desired and truly deserve as well as HOW to get past them.

The 6 Achievement Archetypes

Become aware of how you’re setting and achieving your goals. Whether those goals are things like increasing your energy and vitality, truly enjoying your partner, moving towards financial freedom, starting or growing your business.

Energy: Living At a Higher Vibration

Energy in this series is what I refer to as the vibrational frequency that we're currently operating from. Understanding energy and how we use energy as a driving force is a fundamental key to creating an empowered and inspired life.

"Over the years, I've found Laurin to be one of the greatest, most dedicated, intelligent, fun, creative coaches that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve seen her make amazing transformations in people’s business lives, relationships and in their physicality and wellbeing. When I’m looking for clarity she is absolutely one of my first calls. She’s so good at setting my mind straight and keeping me on track. I love her and you will as well."

Roger Love
Celebrity Voice Coach

"Laurin is an inspiration, and her product is inspired. It really does make a difference. It's effective and it worked for me. After just one meditation with Laurin, I got so clear on the type of financial abundance that I wanted to create in my life and in my practice, the next day I had signed new clients as proof to the change that had already been created through my transformative work with her. As someone who's been coached for many years and has become a coach myself, I know the investment in coaching is best made when you work with someone that can actually get you results. People that have the knowledge, the information, the foundation, the resources, and Laurin has it all. She's the complete package."

Alexis Artin
Feminine Empowerment

"Laurin possess a vast knowledge in many areas; including health, business, life strategies and more. She provides strategies that have produced immediate results for me. One thing that separates Laurin from other coaches is how much she cares about the success of her clients and the results they’re getting."

Mariana Polic
Co-Founder at Family Business Mastery

"Laurin’s coaching is incredible. It's really blown my mind. I looked under the hood and saw what was really going on. Laurin’s coaching busted through some blocks I couldn’t even see. I think that’s some of the power of her coaching. I highly recommend working with her."

Robbe Richman
Culture Blueprint and Xpill

"Laurin has fundamentally and profoundly changed my life. Before I met Laurin there was so much noise in my brain and noise in my life. I was one of those people who wanted to do everything and accomplish everything, and I wanted to do it all immediately. I didn’t have a lot of strategy or structure around it.  Laurin came in and she helped me get clear, be in my flow and understand what was the highest priority to me. She’s helped me make amazing things happen since then. The most important thing is the people that have worked with me for years, my spouse, my friends they notice that there’s a zen about me that was never there before. Thank you Laurin, I really appreciate it."

Dr. Taz Bhatia 
Integrative and Functional Medicine

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